Best 6 Testimonial Plugins for WordPress

Hey WordPress lovers! Are you experiencing great with WordPress?Creating a  website is an idiosyncratic technique to connect with the world. You can choose to create a website to share your enthusiasm for music, videos, to inform people about your business,  to sell products, or there may be any other reasons. There is no limit to what you can do with your websites! Creating a beautiful website for any business has become the most important aspect of today’s market.


 Today, WordPress is considered a factory to develop and produce different web pages that enable users to write and store the content and to create and publish their beautiful web pages. It makes it easy for the user to create different web sites by providing several plugins and tools. Among all the plugins available, Testimonial plugins are one of the most popular plugins that are required on almost every web page.

Why Testimonial Plugins?


A testimonial is the formal statement that tries to testify to someone’s character and qualification. Since you are using an online site for your business , having  a testimonial on your site can help your  possible customers or visitors get to know that you are a loyal business. You can  point out certain attributes and can provide convincing reasons why a customer should buy from you.Testimonials can  grow  discussion rates on your site!


Testimonial Plugins makes it easy to display  and manage testimonials on your site.It is very important to reveal a social proof to make your business more trustworthy by displaying what other people feel about your business service or product, this is done by showing testimonials . WordPress has made it very simple to publish anyone’s testimonials on their site by providing different  Testimonial Plugins and Tools.There are dozens of Testimonial plugins for WordPress available on the market. There may be a lot of confusion about which Plugin to use for your site.Don’t worry here in this article, I’ll describe some of the best testimonial plugins for WordPress sites.

Best 6 Testimonial Plugin for your site:

1. Strong Testimonials


Strong Testimonials Is a wordpress plugin which lets you Easily collect and display testimonials on your website .It has 90,000+ active installation.Strong Testimonial is very easy to use and contains amazing functionality . It provides multiple display options like testimonial slider, grid layout, masonry layout, single column layout, and many more . To magnify submission forms to both collect and show extra information Strong Testimonials provides a custom form field. Strong Testimonial also lets you change features of the testimonial post type: labels, permalink structure, admin options and post editor features.

2.BNE Testimonials


 BNE Testimonials  is one of the most popular testimonial plugin for wordpress in 2020.It has 5000+ active installation recently.BNE Testimonial is much simpler and straightforward plugin than the other testimonial plugins. It makes it peaceful  to add Testimonials and Reviews to your Page using a shortcode.Each testimonial is made up of different elements so this plugin provides a good feature to  separate your testimonials into various categories. Another feature of BNE testimonials is that it takes over the styling from your theme. It also helps to display your testimonial as a slider.Features of API access,additional layouts,additional themes,shortcode generation,custom styling etc has made this plugin more popular.


3. Jetpack


Jetpack is an ultimate Testimonial Plugin for WordPress.It has gained a lot of popularity in today’s market. Jetpack is one of the most popular plugins on the market because of its amazing features which are always free.Today it has more than 5 million active installation.It is very easy to understand and use.It has a feature of custom content types module that makes you very easy to create your testimonials.One of the great  feature of  Jetpack is backup and restore ,Security is the main feature of Jetpack,it is considered as the heart of Jetpack that offers a lot of features to keep your site away from attackers.Auto-plugin update,blog enhancement,montaization of site,performance optimization etc are the great features of Jetpack plugin.


4. Testimonial slider


Testimonial Slider is a highly Responsive and mobile friendly WordPress testimonial  plugin to manage your client’s Testimonials on your site.It has more than 10,000+ active installation.It is considered as one of the most popular testimonial plugin 2020.Testimonial slider contains  Slider and  Grid layouts. By the use of Testimonial slider you  can generate boundless shortcodes. It is fully biddable  to operate .You can manage how many displays per row and primary colors from a shortcode generator.


5.Testimonial Rotator


Testimonial Rotator is one of the most popular and very simple testimonial plugin 2020.It has 60,000+ active installation recently.Testimonial Rotator plugin offers several features but one of the best features about this plugin  is  it is extremely easy to use and to customize. Also the support is quick and helpful.Testimonial Rotator is a really simple testimonial plugin in today’s market .It provides a very easy  way to control different  testimonials on your site. This plugin helps you to  create a testimonial and it also custom post type, end with WordPress admin fields for adding testimonials and assign them to rotators. Another feature of Testimonial Rotator is it  provides  a Widget and  also Shortcode to show the testimonials.



Elementor is one of the most popular page builders for WordPress.Today it has more than 4 million active installations. Elementor lets you create posts and pages of your own design , with the help of  Elementor you can create impressive page layouts/designs even though you don’t have any coding knowledge,  creating any design with elementer is easy. You can simply create any design by dragging and dropping . There are also lists of in built templates for contact us , about us , testimonials etc but templates are limited for free members , if you want to get more good looking templates you will need to upgrade it to pro version.

These are the Best 6 Testimonial plugin for WordPress. I hope this article helped you to  find  the  best WordPress testimonial plugins for your site.Select one of these plugins and create and manage  different testimonials.


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