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Most of the people are using android phones with different capacities of featured mobile. In daily use, we have to install a lot of applications on our android phones. so this makes our android phone slow and difficult to use smoothly.

android faster



so here are the 10 tips you should follow to make your android phone fast. Here are the tips

Tips no 1. Uninstall any app you are not using makes android faster.

android faster

These apps which you are not using only use your space in the app store and also we can see whether we are using it or not. So this way you can space up your phone. Which makes your android phone faster and smoother.

  You can also uninstall the manufacturer app which we don’t use.

Disabling of the app also works as same as uninstalling but it can help to free up your space. And can be reinstall. so it is beneficial. Different Android phones have a lot of manufacturer app which we aren’t suing as much. so it is better to remove or disable it.

Tips no 2. Be Update your system regularly when available

Many people used to turn off their system update notification which is not good for your android phone’s performance. Because the manufacturer introduces new optimization and system performance improvement that will make your run better. Not to mention you need to up to date for security patches because nothing slows down phones more than malware and nothing opens up your phones to malware worse than not to update.

Tips no 3. Start using the lite version of apps.

how to make android fasterA lot of popular apps have it’s lite version also which take less space and isn’t so bloated. Some examples include Facebook lite, twitter lite, and youtube go. But unfortunately some of these versions are only available in certain countries which is pretty stupid to be aware of that. If it is available then you should use that.

Tips no 4. Use static wallpaper than dynamic wallpaper.

how to make android faster

Dynamic wallpaper feature is available on a lot of phones these days this has several benefits and because dynamic wallpaper uses a lot more resources than you might think. For example, the one that moves around while your phones move around is using the gyroscope constantly and take some extra processing power to keep updating the wallpaper.

Even basic video wallpaper still takes up slightly more resources than a static image and depending on how old or low- power your phone is it might be significant.

Tips no 5. Reduce the number of Widgets on your home screen.


If you have a ton of widgets and barely even use most of them this could be taking up a lot of resources. It’s not as bad as if you have all the widget apps open at once. It’s still going to mean the system has to keep more things refreshing in the background to keep those widgets updated assuming that they have live updating information.

This will be less of a deal for widgets that are statics like just showing a shortcut button or somethings but still having tons of them could severely slow down your home screen.

So if you have to make your android phone faster then remove it.

Tips no. 6. Use a lightweight Launcher.


One of the good things about android is you can customize pretty much everything about the phone even the launcher itself which is basically the overall skin for android now. I recommend using Stock Android launcher.

Tips no 7. Use a lightweight browser instead f google chrome.

Chrome is a good browser but it’s notorious in how much resources it takes up both on desktop and mobiles. There are the penalty of other option you can try you’ve probably heard of such as  Firefox, brave and opera, etc some of these also even have a separate light version like with firefox lite which is only 5 megabytes to install

Also, opera has opera mini which is the same idea this lightweight version might have fewer versions obviously but depend on how much slow is your phone is. If you have to prioritize performance they’re definitely worth trying at least.

Tips no 8. Detect your battery usage.

This is not like a rule but it is also quite important. Open your setting and open up the battery and click on battery usage then decide critically that like If you use youtube for 1 hour and battery usage is 30% and then if you use the google chrome for 1 hour then it’s battery usage is 50% so it really sucks your battery. So in this way you can decide which app makes your battery sucks faster and get over it. and restrict the background usage of it makes really helpful.


Tips no 9. Enable data saver.

It prevents some apps from using data in the background and may even limit data usage of apps you’re using if you do have a lot of apps all using background data and taking up resources this may help and if there are apps that you don’t want to be restricted at you can always exclude them.

Tips no 10. Speed up your animation in android.

When we click on the one menu o anther menu then the animation time for this also determines the most. So to make your animation fast and helps to run your android smoother this could be important.

First of all, you have to activate the developer mode for this which is really easy fo you just go to settings and about the phone and then find where it says build number and keep tapping that until it says you’re a developer. You can’t figure it out just goog;e your phone model and developer mode and looks for instructions.

And then for instruction and the developer option can then usually found in the system and then developer option and here we want to look for several options that all say animation scale and this just determines how fast animation occurs like opening apps 0.5x means it takes half as long or you can turn them off completely.

So, you’ll have to do this for each of them if your phone is really underpowered then turning off the animations might make a minor difference but should at least make the phone feel snappier.

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