Facebook memes contest of 77 lakh rupees to delete it – Why?

The most popular social media is Facebook. A lot of users from different countries are on Facebook and share their personal sharing on it. Beside it, nowadays Facebook contains full of memes. memes

Memes mean the photo which contains a joke and makes you laugh in 1 second.

Why facebook make this contest to delete meme.

Not only positive a lot of negative memes also spread hate and racism in society. Which is not a good sign for the psychology of the people.  So these memes should have to be deleted from Facebook.



So Facebook announced a contest in which all people can participate who are interested in AI technology. Facebook clearly said people have to make an algorithm that can detect the memes that spread hatred, cyberbullying among the people.

Facebook teams work on that but also want to bring other people who know about the AI and can develop such algorithm.





The link to the contest is below it.

Apply for Facebook AI Competition:- https://bit.ly/3ghecRL

To know more about the Facebook dark mode click here




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