Donald trump tweet and Facebook facilating Trump’s Call for violence against Protestors.

Donald Trump tweet is been label on twitter but Mark Zuckerburg allowing and prioritizes the violence by allowing a post of trump on Facebook.


The civil leader warned and shocked about not taking any action against that post.


In Twitter

Recently Twitter Put check this post with a warning label on Donald Trump tweet. To see the post in twitter click here


Video Conference with three civil rights groups. The leadership conference on civil and human rights, NAACP Legal Defence and educational fund, and color of change on Zoom.





After this conference, these civil rights groups were astonied by the statement of Zuckerburg and COO Sheryl Sandberg and put their ideas are totally Wrong.


On Twitter and Facebook, Trump says about George Floyd’s death in wstony. “Any difficulty and we will assume control but when the looting starts, the shooting stars”. This Statement was warned on twitter but unfortunately, Facebook doesn’t respond to it.



Not only the leaders but owns Facebook employees are also disagreed to remain this post on Facebook.


After the meeting of the mark with their staff. They told about the social network’s free speech principle that was left on president Trump’s Post.


While on different posts it is also shown that Facebook has a black people problem. The employe, Mark Luckie, black said Facebook employees are not diverse but have instance oof racial discrimination within the company.


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