Facebook rolls out dark mode for desktop, can be used with new design

Facebook has rolled out a new Dark Mode feature for its desktop users. Apart from this, the company has also completely redesigned its social media platform. Demand users of this feature have been doing for a long time. Let me tell you that Facebook teased the new design of its social media platform in October last year. The new design has been rolled out in early March this year. The new Dark Mode feature will also be accessible to users with a new design.

Facebook is constantly adding new features to its social media platforms and Messenger. The Dark Mode feature for Messenger was rolled out last year. After this, the company has also rolled out the Dark Mode feature for its instant messaging app Whatsapp. Now the company can soon roll out this dark mode feature for smartphone and tablet users as well.

Facebook stated in its blogpost that this dark mode feature for desktop has been rolled out globally. That is, all the users around the world will be able to access this feature. The dark mode feature will not strain the eyes despite accessing the social media platform for a long time. People will now be able to use this favorite social media platform on their desktop for a long time.

To use Facebook’s Dark Mode feature, users must first log in to their profile. After this, the user has to tap on the drop-down arrow on the right side of his profile.

After this, in the drop-down, the user will get the option to switch to the new Facebook. By clicking on it, the user will get a newly redesigned look.

Hereby clicking on the user drop-down, the user will be able to switch from dark mode to normal mode at any time.

Redesigned look

In Facebook’s new design, you will see a window similar to a mobile app. In this, you will see updates and pages of your friends on the home page. In the right side chat window and in the left side you will see the list of your life events, messenger, live videos and short cut page. At the same time, on the main page, you will see features such as stories, videos at the top.

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