Next Galaxy Z Flip’s with Triple Camera, Patent Recommends

Samsung introduces the second fold-able smartphone as a Galaxy Z flip in Feb 2020. The first one was Galaxy Fold unlike this, galaxy Z,  flips over a horizontal axis. If the successor of this second fold smartphone, Samsung probably introduce Galaxy S 21 with the folding feature.


This folding phone is over 300 euro cheaper than Galaxy fold and This Galaxy Z flip tries to target different age groups. A new patent shows that the Korean manufacturer plans to replace his dual camera with a triple one. Samsung filed two patents with the WIPO ( World Intellectual Property Office). The placement of the camera and design model are different from each other. Let’s check two designs.

The first design(Model A) resembles with Galaxy Z flip. The camera is placed vertically side by side and 2 cameras changed to 3 camera sides by notification flash. This leaves less space for the front display.

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The second design( Model B) 3 camera are visible from the outside whatever it consists of 3 camera horizontally which gives more space.


The patent doesn’t reveal anything apart from this. There is no guarantee that Samsung has to use either model. Samsung wants to try the 3 camera concept and see what happens next.

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