How to speed up WiFi – Fix your slow WiFi Connection.

Wait for this wifi is ridiculous temperamental, I mean you spend in one spot to gets perfect signal you move to another spot. It’s ridiculously slow to go back to the original spot. It’s slow again. If your WiFi is temperamental just like this you want to be able to fix your connectivity issues, speed up your internet connection, speed up your wifi then we are going to show you how to do it and it’s not gonna cost you anything. Let’s do this to speed up your wifi.

  1. First of all You have to download this application on your android phone or computer Wifi speed up


– Download this from the Android play store and Apple play store.

– It’s absolutely free to install.

         Step -2. Analyze your current network that you are connected and don’t worry it is very simple to use if the signal is divided into poor, good, and best. If you walking around your house you can find the spot where you are getting a terrible signal.







  • Look at the bottom of the application and the things that are called a network status like the WiFi signal icon.
  • Click on that signal and it identifies not only your network but also all the networks around.
  • Then, notice the channel you are using and other’s channel also, if they are using the same channel. Then it’s just like fighting for that WiFi Signal on the same channel, That’s not good.
  • Click on the right side of the WiFi signal just with it, then it not also show the channel performance but also suggest the best channel for you which gives the best signals.
  • At last go to the Wifi router user password and get into the setting of the router and change the channel from default to channel which is best from that app and then your wifi speed be like.

Speed up your WiFi

2. Go to your DNS settings and this time instead of using the default one used Cloudflare new DNS


This gonna give you a much better experience and apply and get test this.

For better information click on this

If you want to see the shortcut keys on the keyboard to show like pro click this link

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