Top 10 Useful Computer Shortcut Key chart

10 Most Amazing and useful Short cut key chart, which we can use in our daily life to improve our knowledge and save time as much as possible. So, We recommended that Every tips and trick you get from this are must be useful in any sector and for better surfing experience.

If you use the mouse to do every small thing then you must know about these shortcut key to make you habit to work in the keyboard without touching the mouse.


Let’s see the top 10 shortcut key chart below:-

1. Backspace Vs Delete

  Backspace is used to delete the text from the back where the cursor is in. But the delete key is used to remove the text from the front of the text where the cursor is in.


2. Alt + Tab

This shortcut key is used to switch the program. When we are working in multiple programs to switch the program from one to another this shortcut key is used.


3.Alt + F4 and Enter

This Shortcut key is used to shut down your computer. Many of us use a mouse to click on shutdown and turn off the computer. But with this shortcut key you can shut down your computer faster way and without the use of the mouse.


4.Window + D

This shortcut key is used to minimize all the tab which is open in your browser and moved to the desktop. It helps to save the time to minimize all the tab ane by one. And again if you want to open all tab at once then click this shortcut key again then it automatically opens all the browser once.


5.Ctrl + T

This key is used to open the new tab in your browser like google chrome, firefox, etc.


This shortcut key is used to open and delete the history of your browser. Different types of browser and the login are done in your browser. So to protect that detail from others you should use this shortcut key to delete your all history.


7.Ctrl + Shift + N

This shortcut is used to directly open the incognito mode on any browser.and by using shortcut key Ctrl + J you can directly access the download menu in the browser.


8.Ctrl + click

This shortcut key is used to open any link in a new tab. Generally we click the left button in the mouse and click on the open in a new tab but this is quite a time consuming if you have to open a lot of websites at once. So when we open the link press the ctrl key and click that links so you got a new tab.


9.Ctrl + Shift + T

 When you have opened a lot of tab on the browser then you delete the random browser. But you accidentally close the important tab that you are surfing so to get that one this shortcut key is very useful.


10.Ctrl + Alt + Delete

This key opens the task manager directly. When you browse the heavy software then, unfortunately, it became the hang of the computer. So you can use this shortcut key to end the task that heavy software is using.


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